About Me

My name is Mary Nieto.

I am crazy in love with life.I love to eat but it’s okay because I love to run! I married my husband, Andres, in 2014 who was also a single parent at the time, so there are some interesting conversations between us on parenting styles and such (I’ll be sharing these along the way). I am a mama to Cassidi, (step mama) Sophia and Joshua.

I love finding good deals and working on DIY projects (fairly new DIY-er). I’m in the middle of redecorating our home. I also love to bake and (newly) cook at home so you’ll see a bunch of food posts and recipes too! By the way Andy is phenomenal in the kitchen (You’ll get to know him as well!).

I am a Houston native and come from a large Hispanic familia ( there are seven of us!).

One more tidbit: I love the zombie genre, and can confidently say that if there was a zombie apocalypse I would definitely hold my own!  (Rick’s Team all the way!)

I hope you enjoy  my posts as much as I enjoy writing  them!

Thanks for being a part of my community!

XoXo~ Mary