Welcome Noah…

Well, Hello Fellow Readers!

My, it has been quite some time. I have been in my own little bubble so to speak.

See, I’ve met this beautiful soul. He radiates warmth and happiness with a single smile.

His name is Noah.


This wonderful little guy just turned  3 months. Oh, what a happy addition to our blended family!

His personality is laughter, and giggles all the time! Andres says he’ll be a prankster when he gets older, ha!

He loves to sleep on my chest. When we snuggle, he fits perfectly in the nook of my neck.

The kiddos are over the moon with their little brother.

Cassidi has stepped into mini-momma mode. She loves to carry him and always offers to help me in whatever I may need help with. She is such a kind and caring older sister. It’s those moments I cherish because her sweetness shines through!


Joshua has rejoiced in his big brother role.He enjoys playing peek-a-boo, and singing to him whenever he begins to fuss. He also helps out with little things like bringing the paci or diaper.

Of course, Andres is overjoyed with Noah. He already has him watching sports with him. Boys will be boys, am I right?


Although we are still doing the feeding rotation of every 3 hours, the lack of sleep is worth it. Those precious little toes and sweet coos are priceless. 

Time does seem to fly by, can you believe summer is around the corner? We are planning our first family outing with Noah. Yep, that means packing the playpen, extra diapers or pretty much extra EVERYTHING. 

Oh, well family life!

Do you have plans for the summer?

I’d love to hear all about it!

XoXo~ Mary


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