Imperfect Pancakes

Good morning!

One of my family’s favorite weekend breakfast staples are pancakes. It’s also one of my favorites, mainly because they are so easy to make! I don’t pretend to be a pancake perfectionist, nor have I ever been able to make those cute pancake animal shapes for my kiddos.

However, it is important that they are edible, I mean right?

Well this weekend was a major fail. As hard as I tried I could not get it together. First I wasn’t able to get the correct consistency of the pancake mix. It was too thick so I added water and then it was so runny that it was burning so quickly in the pan ( it didn’t matter if it was on the lowest setting). When I finally was able to balance the pancake mix, they were either burning on the edges or not cooking in the center.

I probably went through half the pancake mix, in which not one decent pancake came out of it, before I called it quits. By calling it quits, I mean breaking down in tears in the middle of my kitchen floor.

If I could physically get in fetal position, I would have, no doubt.

I know they’re just pancakes. It really was no big deal, in hindsight, but with pregnancy brain, it felt like the end of the world at that very moment.

I’m currently on my eight month of pregnancy and over the oh so cute clothes and ” was that a baby kick?” to where I can hardly sleep either because my bladder is calling or baby has positioned himself in a spot he shouldn’t be!

This isn’t my first pregnancy but boy, people did not lie when they say every pregnancy is different. If there was a limit on the hormonal changes we go through during pregnancy, I would say I have officially met my lifetime max!

Now I’m sure you are anxious to know, what happened to the pancakes? Yea, we totally called it and went to the professionals, IHOP that is! I enjoyed a full stack of pancakes that day, no tears included.


Have you had a moment like this during your pregnancy?

XoXo~ Mary





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