What was I thinking?

Hey ya’ll!

I’m usually diligent in keeping up with my dental check-ups, but lately I have been pushing this task back. I think I’ve rescheduled more times than should be allowed.

So this week when I was scheduled to go in, unfortunately, I didn’t make plans to have a sitter for Joshua during my appointment. I didn’t want to cancel AGAIN, so I thought ” Hmm, why not?” I honestly figured I could keep him occupied with snacks and my phone. C’mon, we all do it! It’s the PBS and YouTube app that have saved me multiple times!

Now the dental hygienist is the best patient person by far. She immediately played a Toy Story movie and had it projected on the wall so that he could sit and watch it. It worked all of, hmm, 5 minutes?

While I was laying back,  letting her do her thing, he would climb all over me. He tried reaching over to her tray of instruments. If he was sitting on me, he would try jumping up and down. I was silently praying, praying that he would just give me 5 minutes so that we could get this cleaning completed.

Every so often I think she could sense my silent frustration, because she would try to talk him down from his rowdiness. She gave him stickers, a toothbrush and tried to see if he wanted to watch something else. She did all this with gentle kindness and I think that’s what kept me sane.

Thankfully, Joshua settled down by the time the dentist did my exam. He was quite and well behaved. 

I had made it! Will I do it again? NO, NOPE, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Okay, well I guess it wasn’t too bad and I could reconsider. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep your children occupied during appointments? Any mommy tricks or should we just leave them at the sitter?

Please comment, share the wealth of knowledge!

Dentist pic

XoXo ~



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